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RFQ 20-013 A&E Services for Duffyfield Community Stormwater

 The goal of the City of New Bern’s innovative stormwater/wetland improvement project, Duffyfield Community Stormwater Enhancements, is to transform a community liability to a community asset by utilizing city owned parcels and undevelopable FEMA buy-out repetitive loss properties to substantially improve water quality, mitigate localized flooding during routine storm events, and create a catalyst for community  investment as a community passive recreation area.

Duffyfield Community Stormwater/Wetland Enhancements will create a 5 ac+/- multifunction urban stormwater treatment facility designed to function as an urban wetland by utilizing blighted land and transforming it into a stormwater retention and treatment network, that will improve community health, serve as a passive recreational park, and spur investment in a historically underserved community. 

The City is soliciting Statements of Qualifications from engineering, design, and surveying consultants interested in providing services for the project.  Based upon the analysis and information provided. The City intends to select a qualified consultant(s) to provide engineering services; landscape architecture services; engineering design services; land surveying services; utility conflict determinations; permitting assistance; bidding; construction contract administration, and; construction observation services for the project within a general scope of services as listed below.

The City of New Bern Reserves the Right to Reject any and all Statements of Qualifications.

(RFQ 20-013)

(Addendum 1)