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About Utility Services

The City of New Bern makes it easy for customers to pay their utility bill online, including services for water, sewer, and electric.  You can even receive your bill faster by signing up for e-billing, which delivers the bill to your email address instead of sending it in paper form.  So, go green and do both! 

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Staff available weekdays, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (252)639-2750.
Report service outages by calling (252)636-4070 or emailing us.
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Sanitation Services
We also provide trash pickup for residential and commercial customers.  GDS provides once per week residential collection with service days coinciding with the collection of recyclables.  Recyclables are collected through our partnership with the Craven County Curbside Recycling Program.  A 65-gallon, rollable trash can is provided.   Waste Industries collects trash for our commercial customers with frequency of pickup depending on the customer's needs.  Trash pickup fees also appear on your utility bill if you reside in city limits.  

Residential & commercial collection rates are listed below.

Residential Sanitation Collection Fee Schedule

65-Gallon Roll-Out Cart & Mixed Paper Recycling

(Once-a-week pickup)

Monthly Residential Refuse Rate:

$11.75 - Regular Residential $5.88 - Senior Citizen Discount (Must qualify for this discount by applying for the State of North Carolina-Craven County Exclusion under G.S. 105-227.1 for Property Tax Relief for Elderly and Permanently Disabled Persons at the Craven County Tax Office)

Commercial Sanitation Collection Fee Schedule


# of Pickups & Service Cost Per Month  
  1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X
2 CY $29.49 $58.98 $88.47 $117.96 $147.45 $176.94
4 CY  $58.98  $117.96 $176.94  $235.92   $294.90 $353.88 
6 CY  $88.47  $176.94  $265.41  $353.88  $442.35  $530.82
8 CY  $117.96  $235.92  $353.88  $471.84  $589.80  $707.76

Hand Commercial Fees
65 gallon rollable trash can $13.75 per month with once per week pickup.

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Sherri Baldree, Public Works Administration