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Tourism Development Authority

The Craven County Tourism Development Authority (“TDA”) consists of nine (9) members appointed as follows:

  • One County Commissioner appointed by the Craven County Board of Commissioners;
  • One person appointed by the governing entity of each municipality from whose jurisdiction at least ten percent (10%) of the county-wide gross proceeds of the room occupancy tax were collected during the previous TDA administrative year.  Such person shall serve a full term of appointment regardless of whether during that term there may be an administrative year during which less than ten percent (10%) of the county-wide gross proceeds of the room occupancy tax were collected within the jurisdiction that person represents.  Such person shall not be re-appointed, however, unless at least ten percent (10%) of the county-wide gross proceeds of the room occupancy tax were collected from that jurisdiction during the administrative year immediately preceding the re-appointment (currently the City of New Bern and the City of Havelock);
  • One person appointed by and representing the New Bern Chamber of Commerce;
  • One person appointed by and representing the Havelock Chamber of Commerce;
  • One person appointed by the Craven County Board of Commissioners representing hotel/motel operators;
  • One person appointed by the Tryon Palace Commission representing the Tryon Palace Historic Sites and Gardens.;
  • Two persons appointed by the TDA as members-at-large who have a demonstrated interest in conventions and tourism development in Craven County;
  • The Craven County Finance Officer, who shall serve as a non-voting ex-officio member and      Treasurer; and
  • The Executive Director of the CVC, who shall serve as a non-voting ex-officio member and      Executive Secretary.

Members shall serve no more than two consecutive three-year terms, except periods of service to fill the unexpired term of a former member shall not be computed in the tenure of a current member.  Tenure may not be extended by separate appointing authorities. 

Members are expected to attend all meetings of the TDA. In the event a member misses two (2) consecutive unexcused monthly meetings, the TDA shall notify the member’s appointing authority.  Membership vacancies shall be filled by the appointing authority for the member creating the vacancy.  Members appointed to fill vacancies shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term for which they are appointed to fill.

The purpose of the TDA is to allocate the net proceeds of the Craven County Room Occupancy and Tourism Development Tax.  Additionally, the TDA serves as the lead entity to develop and promote Craven County as a travel destination.

The objective of the TDA is to serve in a policy making role to provide leadership in moving Craven County toward unity in building a better county-wide and regional partnership for insuring orderly and desired growth in the visitor and travel industry. To attain such an objective, the TDA shall retain, as a body, the authority for approving annual budgets, marketing plans, strategic long-range plans, feasibility plans and to support tourism related projects.   

The TDA meets at 8:00 a.m. on the second Wednesday of every other month at various locations throughout Craven County.

Current Roster

Name Term Expires Appointing Authority
Mark Stephens  6/30/2020  City of New Bern
Paresh Pankhavals 6/30/2020 Hotel/Motel Operator
Dan Roberts 6/30/2021 New Bern Chamber
Cindy King 6/30/2021 Havelock Chamber
Regina Ochoa 6/30/2020 Tryon Palace
Sabrina Bengel 6/30/2020 TDA (At Large)
Smoke Boyd 6/30/2020 TDA (At Large)
Danny Walsh 6/30/2020 City of Havelock 
Johnnie Sampsin, Jr.  12/31/2019 Craven County Board of Comissioners