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Property Tax Information

Tax Collection

NOTICE: Effective July 1, 2013, City Taxes will be collected by the Craven County Tax Office located at 226 Pollock Street, (252)636-6604.   Craven County Tax Office

Beer and Wine license fees, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) payments, street assessments, animal citations, parking rentals, and health insurance payments from City employees on leave as well as COBRA payments from former employees are accepted at the Accounting Office located at 606 Fort Totten Drive, 2nd floor. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8am. to 5pm excluding holidays.

Tax Rates & Assessments

The tax rate for the City of New Bern is set by the Board of Aldermen. The current tax rate is $0.38 per $100 in value. Taxes are due on September 1st of each year with interest accruing on any taxes not collected after January 5th. The interest rates charged are 2% during the month of January and an additional 0.75% each month thereafter.

The City also assesses a Municipal Service District Tax on property located in the downtown area. This tax rate is $0.1122 per $100 in value and is in addition to the rate quoted above. This additional tax is collected for the ongoing revitalization of Downtown New Bern.

In addition, residents of the City of New Bern are assessed county taxes by Craven County. The county's current tax rate is $0.56 per $100 in value. Real property owners are also charged an annual recycling fee of $60.00. The elderly and disabled may qualify for a reduction in the recycling fee and should contact the County at (252)636-6604 to determine their eligibility or for more information.

Tax Listing 
All residents within the City limits are required to list personal and real property for taxes. Property should be listed with the Craven County Tax Listing office. More information on procedures for listing can be obtained by calling the Craven County Tax Office at (252) 636-6604. The property listing period begins on January 1st and runs through January 31st of each year.

Motor Vehicle Taxes 
Motor vehicle taxes for the City of New Bern are paid to the Craven County Tax Collector. There is an additional fee of $5.00 charged to City taxpayers for vehicles registered in the City of New Bern. Payments are received at the Craven County Tax Office, 226 Pollock Street, New Bern, NC. Contact them at (252)636-6605 for accepted methods of payment.

Account Information
For information on City property tax payments and liens prior to July 1, 2013 contact the City of New Bern Accounting Division at (252)639-2722.   

For your convenience, account balances may be viewed online at  Online balances are updated immediately after payment transactions are applied. This information is provided as a public service to the citizens of the City of New Bern. The recipient may use this information with the understanding that the City of New Bern makes no warranties, although every attempt will be made to ensure the information is accurate and timely. Online information is not intended to replace official sources, and information should not be considered error free and should not be used as the exclusive basis for decision making. The use of the information provided is strictly voluntary and at the user’s sole risk. The City of New Bern assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever associated with the use or misuse of this data.

If you have any questions regarding a balance or for payment inquires, please contact our office at (252)639-2720. You may also email us at:

Collection of Unpaid Taxes

Tax bills are mailed in August, and taxes are due on September 1st of each year.  A delinquent notice is mailed the second week in January for any accounts not yet paid.  After January 5th, interest accrues on any unpaid taxes. The interest rates charged are 2% during the month of January and an additional 0.75% each month thereafter. The Craven County Tax Department utilizes the remedies available to collect any taxes which have not been paid by January 31st.