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Public Library Board of Trustees

The duties of the trustees shall consist of the following: (1) determine the policy of the library; (2) advise in the preparation of the budget, approve the budget and work to obtain the necessary funds; (3) provide andmaintain adequate buildings and grounds; (4) study and support legislation which will bring about the greatest good to the greatest number of libraries; (5) cooperate with other public officials and boards and (6) maintain vital public relations.

Any member of the Board of Trustees who is absent from more than three consecutive meetings during the year shall be removed from the Board.

Current Trustees:

Name Term Expires Appointed By
Carol Becton 12/2023 City
Scott Dacey
Craven County Commissioner 
Esther Hardin 12/2018  City 
Erika Foluke 12/2021  City 
Donna Woodruff 12/2021 County
Tere Otero 12/2022  County
Carter Ann Rollins (Chair) 12/2017  County 
Robert Shields, Jr. 12/2019  County 
Sabrina Bengel
City of New Bern Alderman
12/2024 City
Ethel Staten 12/2020  City