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Police Civil Service Board

The Police Civil Service Board shall consist of five members who shall be representative citizens of the city. The members of the board shall be appointed by the Board of Aldermen to serve for a period of two years, except that the initial members shall serve staggered terms. The Aldermen nominate individuals for appointment to the board on a rotating basis and may nominate an individual from any Ward. No member of the board may serve more than one consecutive term. The members of the board shall serve without compensation, and shall take an oath to faithfully perform their duties. No member of the board may serve on the Board of Aldermen or on the police force of the city. The members of the board shall be subject to removal from office by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Aldermen, with or without cause. In case of a vacancy on the civil service board, the Board of Aldermen shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired term of the member. The board shall establish and fix the requirements for applicants for employment in the police department

The city manager or his designee shall act as secretary to the board and shall keep the minutes of its meetings and shall be custodian of all papers and records pertaining to the business of the civil service board and shall keep a record of all examinations held and shall perform such other duties as the civil service board may require. The City Clerk is currently designated as the secretary to the board.

Meetings of the board are held in the executive conference room in City Hall at the request of the Police Department.

Current Roster:
Name Term Expires
Dr. Amy James 06/30/24
Mark Devanney 06/30/25
Mike Markham 06/30/25
Ty'rone Brown 06/30/24 
Richard Shultz 06/30/25