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Historic Preservation Agendas & Minutes

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Historic Preservation Commission

Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) Regular Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the City Hall Courtroom, Second Floor, located at 300 Pollock Street.  Discussions with the HPC at a Design Review Meeting is a pre-requisite for the Regular Meeting.

HPC Design Review meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Development Services conference room, located at 303 First Street.
The deadline for the pre-requisite discussions at the Design Review Meeting is noon on the Friday before the Design Review Meeting.  Less prepared or walk-in parties are welcome and will usually be helped by better understanding the Historic District requirements and procedures while planning a new project.   Contact the HPC staff: 252-639-7583 or for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for projects on the Regular Meeting agenda, including proposed plans, are available for review in Development Services (303 First Street) during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm).   

Want to serve on the Historic Preservation Commission? Click here to complete and submit this short form and a city representative will contact you when an opening occurs. 

Attending the Historic Preservation Commission meeting and need assistance?
Call us at (252)639-7501 no later than 3 p.m. the date of the meeting.
Assistive listening devices available upon request. 

2024 Agendas and Minutes

07/17/24 Regular Meeting - canceled
07/03/24 Design Review Agenda      
06/19/24 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Video      
06/05/24 Design Review Agenda      
05/15/24 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Video      
05/01/24 Design Review Agenda      
04/17/24 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Video      
04/03/24 Design Review Agenda      
03/20/24 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Video      
03/06/24 Design Review - agenda revised 3/4/2024 Agenda      
02/21/24 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Video      
02/07/24 Design Review Agenda      
01/17/24 Regular Meeting - canceled
01/03/24 Design Review Agenda      
2023 Agendas and Minutes

12/27/23 No meeting in December
11/15/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
11/01/23 Design Review Agenda      
10/18/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
10/04/23 Design Review - agenda revised 10/2/23 Agenda      
09/20/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
09/06/23 Design Review - agenda revised 9/5/23 Agenda      
08/16/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Video      
08/02/23 Design Review Agenda      
07/19/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Video      
07/05/23 Design Review Agenda      
06/21/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Video      
06/07/23 Design Review Agenda      
05/17/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
05/03/23 Design Review Agenda      
04/19/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
04/05/23 Design Review Agenda      
03/15/23 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
03/01/23 Design Review Agenda      
02/15/23 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
02/01/23 Design Review Agenda      
01/18/23 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
01/04/23 Design Review Agenda      
2022 Agendas and Minutes

12/21/22 No meeting in December
11/16/22 Regular Meeting - Canceled
11/02/22 Design Review Agenda      
10/19/22 Agenda       Packet       Video      
10/05/22 Design Review Agenda      
09/21/22 Agenda       Packet       Video      
09/07/22 Design Review Agenda      
08/17/22 Agenda       Packet       Video      
08/03/22 Design Review Agenda      
07/20/22 Agenda       Packet       Video      
07/06/22 Design Review Agenda      
06/15/22 Agenda       Packet       Video      
06/01/22 Design Review Agenda      
05/18/22 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
05/04/22 Design Review Agenda      
04/20/22 Agenda       Packet       Video      
04/06/22 Design Review Agenda      
03/16/22 Agenda       Packet       Video      
03/02/22 Design Review Agenda      
02/16/22 Agenda       Packet       Video      
02/02/22 Design Review Agenda      
01/19/22 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
01/05/22 Design Review Agenda      

12/15/21 No meeting in December
11/17/21 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
11/03/21 Design Review Agenda      
10/20/21 Agenda       Packet       Video      
10/06/21 Design Review Agenda      
09/15/21 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
09/01/21 Design Review Agenda       Minutes      
08/18/21 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
07/21/21 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
06/16/21 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
05/19/21 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
04/21/21 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
03/17/21 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
02/17/21 Agenda       Packet       Video      
01/20/21 Agenda       Packet       Video      
2020 Agendas and Minutes

12/16/20 No meeting in December
11/18/20 Agenda       Packet       Video      
10/21/20 Agenda       Packet       Video      
09/23/20 Special Called Meeting Agenda       Video      
09/21/20 Special Work Session Agenda      
09/16/20 Agenda       Packet       Video      
08/19/20 Agenda       Packet       Video      
07/15/20 Agenda       Packet      
06/17/20 Agenda       Packet       Video      
05/20/20 Agenda       Packet       Video      
03/18/20 Meeting Cancelled Agenda      
02/19/20 Agenda       Packet       Video      
01/22/20 Agenda       Packet       Video      
01/15/20 Special Called Meeting Agenda      
2019 Agendas and Minutes

12/18/19 No meeting in December
11/20/19 Agenda       Video      
10/16/19 Agenda       Packet       Video      
09/25/19 Agenda       Minutes       Video       More...
08/21/19 Agenda       Minutes       Video      
07/24/19 Agenda       Video      
06/19/19 Agenda       Video       More...
05/15/19 Agenda       Video      
04/17/19 Agenda       Video       More...
03/20/19 Agenda       Video       More...
02/20/19 Agenda       Video       More...
01/31/19 Special Called Meeting Agenda       Packet       Video      
01/23/19 Agenda      
01/16/19 Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
2018 Agendas and Minutes

12/19/18 Agenda       Video       More...
11/21/18 Agenda       Packet       Video      
10/30/18 Special Meeting Agenda       Video      
10/17/18 Video      
08/15/18 Video      
07/18/18 Video      
06/20/18 Video      
05/16/18 Video      
04/18/18 Minutes       Video      
03/21/18 Minutes       Video      
02/21/18 Minutes       Video      
01/31/18 Minutes       Video