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Resiliency & Hazard Mitigation Plan
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Duffyfield Community Resilience Project
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Understanding the Issues

New Bern is situated at the confluence of two rivers. While the Neuse and Trent rivers provide a picturesque backdrop to the historic charm of our city, this coastal environment paired with low-lying elevation presents issues with stormwater runoff and flooding, particularly after tropical activity and hurricanes.

In 2018, New Bern suffered one of its most disastrous storms when hurricane Florence made landfall about 90 miles southwest of the city. The storm was labeled a 1,000-year flood for its level of storm surge, flood inundation and damage that spanned several eastern north carolina counties. In New Bern alone, the storm was responsible for approximately $100 million in residential and commercial damages, mostly due to flooding. The City lost 100% of its public power grid and spent weeks restoring power and clearing and collecting debris. The rebuilding process continues today.

The City of New Bern undertook a bold approach to hazard mitigation with the development of a Resiliency and Hazard Mitigation Plan, which was completed and presented in spring 2022 (click this link to see the meeting video). This multi-phase, long term plan was developed with public input and thanks to the help of consultant partners. It provides an overview of New Bern's hydrologic conditions that influence stormwater runoff and includes strategies and recommendations for mitigating impacts. These strategies and recommendations are helpful for governments, businesses, and residents. 

-> Hurricane Florence flood inundation map

The Resiliency & Hazard Mitigation Plan identifies flood risk, and develops a plan and a path to resilience.  With the adoption of this plan, city staff continue public outreach to help the community understand resiliency, engage in efforts to reduce vulnerability, and partner towards building and planning a more resilient New Bern.  Additionally, staff continue to pursue local, state, federal, and other funding sources for implementation. 

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Understanding Flood Risk
For more information about relevant data sources and other tools for understanding flood risk, including the effects of storm surge, coastal flooding, and sea level rise, please visit the following state and national websites:

FEMA National Flood Insurance Program
Community Rating System
New Bern was accepted into the National Flood Insurance Program's (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS) in 2021. This voluntary program recognizes and encourages community floodplain management that exceeds national minimum standards. The CRS program assigns class ratings to cities, towns and counties who apply, based their level of floodplain management activity. One is the highest rating; 10 is the lowest. The City of New Bern is rated a class 8. This could translate into greater discounts on flood insurance premiums for property owners. Click here to read the City's announcement regarding CRS acceptance. Learn more about the NFIP Community Rating System by clicking here.

How do other NC cities, counties and towns rank in the Community Rating System?
The 2022 list is available here.


Our Community Rating:
8 the Number CROPPED

KnowYourZone_LOGO North Carolina's Know Your Zone tool was developed by NC Emergency Management. If necessary when a storm is forecast, local officials can use this tool to order evacuations. Find out your zone classification by typing in your address on the website.

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