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Latest News
 The results of our first survey
can be found here.

275 people responded, most of whom
have been affected by a flood-related disaster.
We appreciate your feedback &
hope more residents & businesses
will engage with us as we move forward
with development of a resiliency plan.
Hurricane Florence roared ashore along the eastern North Carolina coast in September 2018 causing catastrophic damage to the Carolinas.  In New Bern alone, the storm is responsible for approximately $100 million in residential and commercial damages, mostly due to flooding. Since the storm, the City has sought many grants to repair and restore infrastructure, replace city equipment, and improve New Bern's resiliency.  Florence was just one of many storms to cause significant damage to New Bern.  A bold new effort at flood mitigation and resiliency planning has begun, and in early 2020 our consultant partners Moffat & Nichol, NEMAC + Fernleaf, and The Craig Group began working on a multi-phase, long term plan that will include significant public input.  Once it is complete, the City hopes this plan will become a model for other coastal communities.  You can find out more about this project by reading our project information sheet.

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The Process Forward
The following chart outlines our estimated 12-month planning process and highlights specific timeframes when public meetings and other public involvement opportunities are expected to occur.  These dates may change as the project moves forward so check back for updates.

Next Steps

We'll share our next steps over the course of the resilency planning process. Please check back as updates occur.

Survey Results

Results from our September survey can be viewed here.  This is the first survey in the development of our resiliency plan.  275 people responded and we hope even more will join in this citywide effort and lend their feedback and input as we move forward.  Our second survey will launch soon and the link will be posted on this page, as well as communicated with the New Bern community via social media, City 3 TV, email, meeting announcements, and more.   Please reference the project schedule for more information.  

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