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Zoning Permits

(a) The use made of property may not be substantially changed (see section 15-152), clearing, grading, or excavation may not be commenced, and buildings or other substantial structures may not be constructed, erected, moved, or substantially altered except in accordance with and pursuant to one of the following permits:

(1) A zoning permit issued by the zoning administrator;
(2) A special use permit issued by the Board of Adjustment; and
(3) A conditional use permit issued by the Board of Aldermen.

(b) Zoning permits, special use permits, conditional use permits, and sign permits are issued in respect to plans submitted by the applicant that demonstrate compliance with the Land Use Ordinance provisions. When such plans are finally approved, they are incorporated into any permit  issued in reliance on said plans. All development must occur strictly in accordance with the approved plans.

(c) A zoning permit, conditional use permit, special use permit, or sign permit authorizes the recipient to make use of property in accordance with  the requirements of the Ordinance. Included in the application is the property information consisting of the business name, an address of the property,  purpose of the permit, zoning district, minimum and proposed setbacks, and number existing of and proposed buildings. Additional information may be required such as the number of proposed trees, parking spaces, signs, and plans of existing and proposed site conditions.

Questions about zoning permits?  Contact the Planning & Zoning Administrator, at (252)639-7582.