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Coronavirus COVID 19

The City of New Bern is working together with regional, state, and national partners to protect the public as concerns grow over the Coronavirus/COVID 19. The City has operational plans and will implement procedures as needed to ensure our ability to maintain critical and essential services, as well as support state and county health efforts. Below you'll find helpful links about Coronavirus/COVID 19 and the best ways to prevent illness and avoid being exposed. 

Centers for Disease Control 
& Prevention

 U.S. Environmental Protection 
World Health Organization 
NC Dept. of Health 
& Human Services
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 Coronavirus Disease
What you should know, situation updates, info for communities, businesses, schools & healthcare
What you need to know
(En Español)
What you need to know (Chinese)

Everyday Preventive Actions
Everyday preventive actions can protect you from getting & spreading illnesses like the flu.

Interim Guidance for Businesses & Employers
Planning & responding to Coronavirus COVID 19
Printable workplace poster: "Don't Spread Germs at Work"

Traveler's Health
Destinations & travel notices

Antimicrobial Products for Use Against the Cause of Coronavirus COVID 19

Information for Individuals with Limited English Proficiency
(Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog & Vietnamese)

Latest updates, situation dashboard, outbreak news, research & development

Myth Busters
Advice for the public

COVID 19 Response in NC
Call (866)462-3821 for questions.
Call 9-1-1 for emergencies.

Individuals & Families
Steps to stay healthy

Governor's Task Force Announces Laboratory Now Available to Test for COVID 19
Per FDA requirements, test results from NC State Lab for Public Health and other
state labs require confirmation from the CDC.   However, a resumptive positive from NCSLPH will initiate an immediate public health response from NCDHHS.