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Fire Protection System Permits

Fire Protection System Permits

Download Fire Protection Systems Permit Application 

Fire protection system permits allow an applicant to install or modify systems and equipment.  Where more than one permit is required for the same location, a consolidated permit can be issued for the address, provided that each provision is list on the permit. Systems that require this type of permit, along with the *fee for the permit include, but are not limited to:

  • Fire Alarms  - $100.00 for permit + $50.00 for plan review
  • Hood Systems - $100.00 for permit + $50.00 for plan review or manufacturer's spec
  • Standpipes - $100.00 for permit + $50.00 for plan review
  • Sprinkler Systems - $100.00 for permit PER SYSTEM + $50 for plan review + $2.00 per sprinkler head PER SYSTEM
  • Other related systems 
*Fee schedule is current as of July 2018. Subject to change without notice.

No fire alarm system permits shall be issued by the City of New Bern Fire Prevention Bureau without the submission of three (3) sets of sealed drawings and the proper construction documents as set forth in the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code Section 907. 

Construction documents shall include, but not be limited to, all of the following:

  1. A floor plan which indicates the use of all rooms
  2.  Locations of alarm-initiating and notification appliances
  3. Alarm control and trouble signaling equipment
  4. Annunciation
  5. Power connection
  6. Battery calculations
  7. Conductor type and sizes
  8. Voltage drop calculations
  9. Manufacturers, model numbers and listing information for equipment, devices and materials
  10. Details of ceiling height and construction
  11. The interface of fire safety control functions

Permits issued shall be kept on the premise designated therein at all times and shall be readily available for inspection.