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Prevention Education

Fire Life Safety Education (FLSE) is defined in the following areas:  Children's Fire Prevention Education, Adult Public Fire Prevention Education, Project Alert, NC Safe Kids, FLSE Tips, and Child Passenger Safety Seats. Click Here for Fire Life Safety Tips.

Fire Prevention Education
New Bern Fire-Rescue categorizes Fire Prevention Education in the following areas: Fire Prevention Week, Kid’s Fire Safety House, Safety Troupe (Clowns), and Puppets and Robots.

Fire Prevention Week
Every year in October, the Fire Prevention Bureau recognizes National Fire Prevention Week.  This affords fire department personnel the opportunity to deliver fire prevention and fire safety messages to the city's elementary and private schools.  Age-appropriate educational messages are taught to each grade level through means such as puppetry, the mobile fire safety house, clowns, classroom lectures, and games (i.e., Fire Jeopardy).  In addition, children receive handout materials and small tokens emphasizing the need for fire prevention and fire safety education.

Kid's Fire Safety House
In addition to station tours, New Bern Fire-Rescue also provides an inflatable Fire Safety House.  Children are walked through the structure while being instructed on fire safety, and at the end exit via a window with a slide.

New Bern Safety Troupe (Clowns)
The New Bern Safety Troupe started "clowning around" in February of 2001 when three firefighters began searching for a new way to spread the age old message of fire safety.  Several months later the troupe's membership had grown to six.
With Fire Prevention Week being their main focus, these six men soon realized this was a golden opportunity to get their point across to both the young and young at heart.  Currently ten members strong, "Hoser," "Chia," "Riskee," "Smutt," "Cool," "Spanner," "Smokey," "Patches," "Backfyre," and "Lightwater" deliver fire prevention and fire safety messages through various skits and performances.

Word quickly spread about the troupe and their crowd pleasing performances and, as a result, they are often asked to perform at pre-schools, schools, nursing homes, local festivals, and parades.  The New Bern Safety Troupe has supported such organizations as MDA, Relay for Life, and the local Boy Scouts of America.

A non-profit organization, the troupe's primary support is New Bern Fire-Rescue.  Businesses and organizations within the community have also pledged their support by providing donations.  It is through this continued support the New Bern Safety Troupe is able to meet their primary objective:  delivering fire safety messages in a fun and innovative way.

Puppets and Robots
Puppets and robots are other tools used to teach the importance of fire safety and fire prevention.  Puppet shows performed by fire department personnel using a variety of puppets and music delight kids (and adults) of all ages.  In addition, there is also a "family" of remote-controlled robots who arrive on "fire scenes" via a remote-controlled fire engine.  "Pluggie," a remote-controlled fire hydrant, is always a hit with the kids squirting them with water when they least expect it.

Public Education
New Bern Fire-Rescue offers a variety of education opportunities for adults, as well as children. The Fire Prevention Bureau offers Fire Extinguisher Classes, as well as a variety of lecture presentations on Fire Life Safety Education. For more information on public education for your organization or place of business, please call (252)639-2931.