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Special Event Permits

Special Event Permits

Download Special Event Permit Application 

Please email your application, plans and any other documents to

Special Event Permits allow the applicant to conduct an operation or a business for a prescribed period of time.  Special events that require this type of permit, along with the *fee for the permit include, but are not limited to:

  • Campfire for warmth or cooking  - $75.00 for permit
    • Also required: a simple sketch detailing fire location and location of water sources (buckets, hoses, etc.) to put out fire if needed.  Drawing can be a simple pencil sketch on copy paper, it does not have to be professionally done.
  • Covered Mall Building  - $75.00 for permit
    • For the placement of retail fixtures and displays, concession equipment, displays of highly combustible goods and similar items in the mall
    • Displays of liquid or gas-fueled equipment in the mall
    • Use of open-flame or flame-producing equipment in the mall
  • Exhibits and Trade Shows - $75.00 for permit
    • Application must include a full diagram of set-up that shows all aisles and exits
  • Fairs and Carnivals  - $75.00 for permit
  • Fireworks Displays   - $125.00 for permit
*Fee schedule is current as of August 2023. Subject to change without notice.