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Suppression Areas

Strategy and tactics are performed under the Incident Command System. Incident Command is set up by the Fire Battalion Chief.  The Captains have the role of Company Officer and  Fire Engineers are responsible for driving and operating the apparatus. Fire Specialists are utilized to perform tactics in fulfilling the Command’s overall strategy of conquering the fire or rescue incident. Our Tactical Worksheet provides an overall guideline to ensure all procedures are followed. Many hours of training are performed in Incident Command with our personnel and other agencies within the City. 
Rapid Intervention is a team of firefighters given the responsibility of rescuing other firefighters in their time of need.  According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 1500, a minimum of two fully equipped personnel must be on-site and ready for immediate rescue of injured or trapped firefighters. The Incident Commander evaluates each situation's risk factors to determine whether a Rapid Intervention Team is to be set in place, depending upon the extent of incident involvement.
New Bern Fire-Rescue’s Technical Rescue Team is comprised of 26 highly trained personnel specializing in high-angle rescue, confined space rescue, water rescue, and trench rescue.  Several  of these members are also state certified instructors.  The instructors train department members, in addition to assisting many other departments with their Rescue Technician training.  The remainder of New Bern Fire-Rescue personnel are certified as general rescue technicians who assist the Technical Rescue Team with support activities.