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Tent Construction & Operation Permits

Tent/Stage Canopy/Membrane Structure Permits

Download Application:
Tent, Stage Canopy and Temporary Membrane Application  

Email the completed application and any required documents to  Note that if this is for a temporary stage canopy, you must also contact the City of New Bern Building Inspections to see what they require.

-Any inspections taking place outside of normal work hours will require an additional $150 fee
-All structures must be taken down if the National Weather Service issues a High Wind Advisory.  Should this occur, permit is automatically revoked. Contact us for re-issuance at no charge once the Advisory has been lifted.

The following require an inspection, but no permit:
-Any tent between 700 – 800 square feet
There is a $50 fee for the inspection which has to be paid before inspection date

The following will require an inspection and permit:
-Any membrane structures larger than 400 square feet
-Any tent larger than 800 square feet that has at least one wall
-Any tent larger than 1800 square feet with no walls

Fees and process for permitting:
-$150 total fee for construction and operations permits, paid before inspection date.

 Additional Information:

  • Tents and Membrane Structures cannot stay up for more than 180 consecutive days within a year’s time.
  • If your Tent or Membrane Structure has an occupancy load of more than 50, you must provide a detailed site and floor plan before the inspection takes place.
  • If you’re using your Tent or Membrane Structure as a place of assembly, there may be more requirements depending on how many people will be occupying it. Contact us if you have any questions.
  • Tents can’t be within 20 feet of the lot line, buildings, other tents or membrane structures, parked vehicles or internal combustion engines.
  • There needs to be an unobstructed 12 foot fire break on all sides of Tent or Membrane Structure.
  • All Tents and Membrane Structures must have fire extinguishers.
  • Temporary Stage Canopies – Construction documents must be sent to both the Fire Inspector and the Building Inspector before a permit will be issued
    • These cannot be used for more than 45 days
    • If the canopy is over 400 square feet, it needs to be inspected by two different entities:
      • Fire Inspector, inspection fees noted above apply
      • Independent Inspector, at the expense of the owner
  •  If your event is expected to have over 1000 people attending, you must have a crowd management plan approved by New Bern Fire-Rescue

*Fee schedule as of July 1, 2020. Subject to change without prior notice.