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About NBFR Training

The Training Division of New Bern Fire-Rescue coordinates, assigns, and evaluates continuing education and training for all career, volunteer, and recruit personnel.  Training disciplines include:  Fire Suppression, Rescue, Emergency Medical, Hazardous Materials, Physical Fitness, Boat Operations, Driver/Operator, and Incident Command/NIMS.

New Bern Fire-Rescue currently has 23 North Carolina State Certified Fire Service Instructors, five North Carolina State Certified Rescue Technician Instructors, and two North Carolina State Certified Emergency Medical Instructors.  These dedicated instructors provide our continuing education training.  Our “training team” philosophy has allowed us to expand both our training and our services to better protect the citizens of the City of New Bern.

Located at 333 Glenburnie Drive, next to the National Guard Armory, the New Bern Fire-Rescue Training Academy is a state-of-the art training facility.  This facility, which offers fire department personnel a variety of training scenarios, was constructed in 2004 by WHP Training Towers, a company specializing in pre-engineered training buildings for fire services.

This multi-annex structure features a four story high-rise tower and a 2-1/2 story residential configuration, complete with moveable walls to create various rescue drill scenarios.  Additional features include interior and exterior stairs, standpipe and sprinkler systems, and a piped smoke system allowing instructors to induce artificial smoke into any part of the building; thereby providing ventilation and smoke and SCBA training.  High-rise and pump operations are also areas of training afforded by the training facility.  A burn room enabling firefighters to burn the building, extinguish the fire, and re-burn the building - without damage to the structure - is another notable feature.  Rappelling hooks on the third and fourth floors and window panels on the building's exterior provides for Technical Rescue Training (TRT) scenarios and laddering exercises.

In addition, a man hole used for confined space rescue training is yet another unique feature the training site has to offer.  An underground confined space maze utilized to train city employees in proper confined space entry techniques is another component of our training facility.

The Academy site also includes a separate classroom with seating accommodations for 30 students.  Vending machines and restroom facilities are also provided.

New Bern Fire-Rescue Training Academy provides industry and community fire extinguisher training, CPR, First Aid, Fire Brigade Training, Public Fire Safety, and more. Contact us at (252)639-2931 (Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM) for your training needs.

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