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Request Off-Duty Officer Services

  1. I am seeking an extra-duty officer for my event, are services guaranteed?
    1. Although we strive to fulfill all requests through our internal recruitment efforts, the New Bern Police Department’s extra duty program is considered secondary employment for our officers to work outside of their normal City work hours and therefore coverage is not guaranteed.  If you have any questions, please email
  2. What is the pay rate for an extra-duty officer? And is this negotiable?
    1. The standard pay rate for an off-duty officer is $40.00 per hour and the minimum length of a shift is 3 hours.  A supervisor may be required due to the nature of the assignment or the number of officers working at the event.  The rate of pay for extra-duty officers and city declared holidays are established by the Board of Aldermen annually, and are maintained in the City’s schedule of fees and charges.
  3. Will officers be in uniform or plainclothes?
    1. For virtually every assignment, officers will be required to be in full uniform and duty equipment. Only in exceptional circumstances, and with prior approval of the Chief of Police, can an officer work an assignment in plainclothes.
  4. How much advance notice is required to request an extra-duty officer?
    1. While the request form requires a minimum of 5 days’ notice, it is strongly suggested that a minimum of two weeks’ notice is given (30 days preferred) so there is adequate time to review requests and advertise the assignment to our pool of officers.  New Bern Police Department cannot guarantee assignments will be filled.
  5. Who do we pay, the Police Department or the Officer?
    1. All employers are to remit payment directly to the officer(s) and according to all appropriate federal and state tax reporting requirements.  Payment is expected up-front at the time of services.  Businesses may pay the officer(s) by cash or check; private parties/individuals must pay the extra-duty officers in cash.
  6. How do I cancel my event and do I still have to pay for services?
    1. Employers must call the New Bern Police Department’s non-emergency number at (252) 633-2020 of any cancellation of an extra-duty assignment 48 hours prior to the start of the assignment.  Failure to provide notification will require the Employer to compensate the extra-duty officer(s) for the minimum compensation of 3 hours.  Employers with a recurring assignment must notify NBPD of any changes at least fourteen (14) business days’ prior to the next scheduled event, and no less than thirty (30) days’ notice of cancellation of any extra-duty assignment.
  7. Click here for the New Bern Police Department Request for Extra-duty Form.