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Streets Division

About the Streets Division
Providing maintenance, repair and extensions of our City streets and sidewalks, is the primary task of this division. With approximately 130 miles of streets and 12 miles of sidewalks, the employees of this division are kept busy year round. Division personnel provide tree trimming and removal, banner installation (Banner Request Application), traffic signal maintenance, and new streets and driveway (Driveway Permit Application) construction inspections.

In an effort to insure the proper flow of storm water and water quality, the this division works daily on the street sweeping of all curbed and guttered streets.

This division abates weeded lots and nuisance properties to eliminate litter and clutter throughout the city. To report a nuisance property contact the Public Works Administration Office at (252)639-7501.

Driveway Permits

Prior to any new driveway being constructed within the City of New Bern, it is required that a driveway permit be obtained from the Public Works Department which is located at 1004 S. Glenburnie Road. The permit fee is $20.00. Click here to view or print a copy of our Driveway Permit Form.

Banner Requests

Non-profit organizations wishing to advertise an event may do so by having a banner placed over Country Club Road and/or Neuse Boulevard. A banner request form must be submitted and approved prior to the event, by the City of New Bern's Public Works Depatment located at 1004 S. Glenburnie Road. The permit fee is $75.00. Reserve your display date early, as these requests fill up fast!

Click here to view/print a copy of our Banner Request Form & Guidelines.

Sidewalk Cafe Permits

Businesses wishing to have outdoor dining may do so by applying for a Sidewalk Café Permit from the City of New Bern Public Works Department which is located at 1004 S. Glenburnie Road. The permit fee is $150.00 and must be renewed annually.

Click here to view or print a copy of the Sidewalk Café Permit Application form.

Adopt-A-Street Program

The City of New Bern recognizes the need and the desirability of litter-free and visually-improved streets within the jurisdictional limits of the City of New Bern. Additionally, the City supports the Litter Free NC campaign in an effort to reduce litter’s harmful effects on public safety, wildlife, and the environment. The Adopt-A-Street program has been established for community and civic organizations as well as private businesses and industry to contribute toward the effort of maintaining cleaner and more beautiful streets in New Bern. The purpose of the Adopt-A-Street program is to encourage community residents and organizations to adopt residential blocks of streets and keep them litter-free. The adopted areas are to be cleaned a minimum of every three months in an effort to maintain a healthy environment and to produce feelings of pride in our beautiful city.

If you or your organization is interested in adopting a street complete the Adopt-A-Street agreement for below and return it to the City of New Bern's Public Works Department at 1004 S. Glenburnie Road, New Bern.

Adopt-A-Street Agreement Form

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