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What Power Costs

Want to know what it costs to run some of your day-to-day appliances?  Read on to find out.

Refrigerator $10-$22/month Incandescent bulb (1000W)
Freezer $15-$30/month 1 cent/hour
Electric oven 30-60 cents/hour Flourescent bulb:
Electric Range Top Burner 7-30 cents/hour 1 cent/four hours
Microwave 6-18 cents/hour  


Electric fan: 1-7cents/hour Washing machine: 3-23 cents/load
Window air conditioner: 9-28 cents/hour Dryer: 30-60 cents/load
Central air conditioner: 48-66 cents/hour Vacuum: 5-9 cents/hour
Electric heating $35-$400/month Hair dryer: 1 cent/five minutes
Portable electric heater: 9-18 cents/hour TV: 1-5 cents/hour
Electric water heater: $20-$30/month Stereo: 1-3 cents/hour