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Wastewater Treatment Plants

New Bern Main WWTP: Glenburnie Road

ee09cfc10a449492b26a2b0dc3ebf8dd_f1232The City of New Bern’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) was originally constructed in 1964. It was a single train trickling filter plant, capable of treating a flow of 4.0 MGD. In 1991, a second treatment train was added, expanding the plants treatment capacity to 4.7 MGD. In 2003, the Wastewater Treatment Plant went through a major upgrade in which the plant's treatment process was completely changed and its capacity was increased to 6.5 MGD. The 2003 upgrades included replacing the trickling filters with a new BNR (Bio-Nutrient Removal) process, which greatly improved the ability for the plant to remove nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous from the effluent stream.  Other improvements included in 2003 were the upgrades to the influent pumping and screening structures along with the addition of two new secondary clarifiers, new tertiary filters, new chlorine contact chamber, re-aeration basin and a bio-solids processing facility.

698b67f4abd11f0d96a0942a85e8bdef_f1231The final products produced at the New Bern Main WWTP are high quality effluent and class-A bio-solids. The effluent produced is of reuse quality and utilized for agricultural irrigation purposes on land lying just west of the City. Effluent that is not utilized for irrigation is discharged to either the Neuse River or the New Bern Quarry Reclamation Facility.  The solids that are produced to the New Bern Main WWTP are treated to Class-A standards, which produces a lime and nutrient rich material that can be used to enhance crop production. All of the Class-A bio-solids produced at the plant are land applied to farms located in Craven, Pamlico, and Jones Counties.

New Bern - 7 WWTP: Old Airport Road

In 2002, the City acquired the old Neuse River Sewer District system from Craven County and assumed the operational and maintenance duties for the collection system and treatment plant. The treatment plant New Bern-7 WWTP was originally constructed in 1985 and has undergone several upgrades since the original construction. The New Bern-7 WWTP is currently permitted for a flow of 0.495 MGD.  All of the flow handled by this plant comes from the New Bern-7 S.T.E.P. sewer system, which contains very little solids content. The effluent produced at the New Bern-7 WWTP is of reuse quality and utilized for irrigation purposes at Creekside Park. Effluent that is not utilized for irrigation is pumped to a 186 acre spray irrigation tree farm located on Crump Farm Road. This plant is a non-discharge facility, meaning that none of the effluent from the plant is discharged to any waters of the State.