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Do I have to pay to park? Is a parking pass required?

Where can I park to avoid 2 HR parking?

How do I find the Bear Lots & why are they called Bear Lots?

I don't see any Handicap spaces, where can I park?

How much is a parking ticket?

How will I know I received a ticket?

How do I pay a ticket?

Does a parking ticket go against my driving record?

Can I appeal a ticket?

How will I know if my appeal was approved or denied?

How do you know how long I've been parked?

Can you see my driving record and registration with the handheld device?

Can you tell if a ticket has been issued to the same car before?

Do you "boot" or "tow" cars that have received parking tickets?

What does a ticket for "Failure to park within the lines" mean exactly?

What if my vehicle is too large for one space & I need more space, for example, I have a motorhome?

I have a trailer I am towing. Can I park and unhook the trailer and leave it?

Can I park in a space that indicates it is for a permit holder?

I want to get a permit to have a leased parking space. What do I do?

:  I am a lease holder and have a permit space. What do I do if someone is parked in my space?

Why can't I park facing against traffic?