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Keep New Bern Clean


Community Cleanup Schedule: 3pm-4pm

Wednesday, March 13: Pine Tree Drive
Wednesday, April 10: Oaks Road
Thursday, May 9: River Road
Thursday, June 13: Amhurst Boulevard
Thursday, July 11: Neuse Avenue (4:30-5:30pm)
Thursday, August 15: Old Airport Road
Thursday, September 12: TBA
Thursday, October 10: TBA

Litter Reduction Program Presentation (Video)
February 13, 2024
Board of Aldermen Meeting, Agenda item 13

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Keep New Bern Clean...We Can't Bear Litter is a city-community partnership that focuses on our environment and encourages efforts to reduce litter in our community and in our rivers.

Annual Program
This annual program runs from March through October and includes:
  • Community engagement & education
  • Community cleanups (see schedule at right)
  • Expanded adoption programs (Adopt-a-Street, Block, or Park)
  • Infrastructure improvement
  • Incentives
  • Measurement & reporting 
Local businesses, nonprofits, environmental and conservation groups, and the public are encouraged to partner with us to Keep New Bern Clean. Join us on an upcoming cleanup event or work with your neighbors or homeowners association to organize your own community cleanup. Take the public pledge by clicking the link (at right) and commit to specific actions for a litter-free environment. 

Community Cleanups
Community cleanups occur once per month during the annual program. The public is welcome to join us as we visit each ward of the city to clean up problem areas.  We'll issue instructions on this page and on social media about where to meet and provide transportation to and from the cleanup site back to the meet-up location. Community cleanups generally last about one hour. Check the schedule at right and join us!

Can't make a community cleanup? Schedule your own and let us know where and when so we can supply cleanup toolkits and reflective vests to protect you and your group during the event. 

Adoption Opportunities
Adoption programs allow interested individuals, nonprofits, businesses and groups to "adopt" a city street, block, or (new in 2024!) park and commit to regular pickups. Organizations who recognize the need for visually-improved streets and a litter-free community can sign an agreement adopting the property for a minimum period of four years. In turn, the citizen or group will be supplied with toolkits for each litter cleanup and will be recognized with a Keep New Bern Clean street sign posted on or near the property. Interested in adopting a city street, block or park? Click here or contact Public Works at (252)639-7501.

Infrastructure Improvement
As part of this annual program, the City will analyze and evaluate high-traffic areas to assess the number of trash and recycling bins available to the public. As part of our strategy to Keep New Bern Clean, we will implement or replace these quantities to make it easier and more convenient for everyone to dispose of litter properly.

Each year, the City will recognize those who participate in community cleanups as well as our adoption programs. Participants will be invited to a Board of Aldermen meeting to celebrate this partnership. This recognition encourages sustained engagement in the "Keep New Bern Clean...We Can't Bear Litter" program.

Measurement & Reporting
Individuals and groups who participate in community cleanups will be supplied toolkits to assist with their events. The toolkit includes trash bags, gloves, safety vests, and pickers. Once a cleanup is complete, Public Works collects all the trash. Each year, Public Works will track and report the volume of trash and litter that's been removed from the community and saved from ending up in our rivers.

Take the Pledge
Click here to take the pledge (sign & download) for a litter-free environment! 

See a problem area that needs to be addressed? Have questions about the Keep New Bern Clean litter reduction program? Send us your feedback and suggestions by clicking here to send us an email.

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