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City of New Bern Recovery Info

FEMABuyoutElevationFLIER  Interested in a FEMA buyout or elevation grant for your flooded home? 
  The City of New Bern is collecting information from residents whose homes 
  have been flooded by hurricanes and who may be interested in a FEMA Hazard
  Mitigation Program Grant. 
Click this link to complete a form for grant
  consideration or call (252)639-7581. If you have already submitted your
  information to the City of New Bern or Craven County, your data has been
  recorded.  Deadline for submission is December 7th.  
Printable PDF is
  available here.
  Questions about rebuilding your home or construction permitting
Call Inspections at (252)639-2942.  


The public is invited to attend a special webinar at City Hall, 300 Pollock Street, on Tuesday, November 20 at 10am in the 2nd floor courtroom.  The webinar will feature a presentation on innovative flood mitigation solutions,  particularly in the wake of hurricane Florence.  The webinar will air live on City 3 TV and the City’s Facebook page.  It will also be recorded and posted 
to the City’s online Video on Demand portal and YouTube channel.

Henk Ovink, an expert on flood damage and mitigation, was featured recently on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” He is the world’s only water ambassador, a title given to him by the Dutch government.  Mr. Ovink was interviewed by CBS’ Bill Whitaker and the two toured the Maeslantkering storm surge barrier in the Netherlands. Thanks to special engineering designed to protect nearby coastal communities, the area hasn’t flooded since 1953.  Two large gates were engineered to block storm surge from building into the Rhine River and Rotterdam.  You can watch the “60 Minutes” segment and learn more about the Netherlands’ project by clicking here.  

“This is a good opportunity for our residents, businesses, and local leaders to come together and listen to ideas for combating flooding and storm surge,” said Sabrina Bengel, Mayor Pro Tempore and Ward 1 Alderman.  “We’re all concerned about when – not if – another hurricane like Florence will impact our area.  This webinar can help us start thinking about solutions and how we can build our storm resiliency.  We hope everyone will join in this special presentation in the courtroom or online.”


  If you feel your property was missed during the final debris pickup, call Public 
  Works at (252)639-7501.  As a reminder, debris must be separated into three 
  piles:  Vegetative, Construction Demolition,  and Household     

  New construction materials will not be accepted. Homeowners/contractors 
  should dispose of those materials at the landfill at 7400 Old US Hwy 70 W.  

  Debris placed curbside after the final pickup must adhere to the City’s size 
  and length restrictions: no greater than 5 inches in diameter and no longer 
  than 5 feet in length. Click here to review collection guidelines and pickup. 


  The City of New Bern will resume certain utility fees that were suspended 
  during hurricane Florence.  All past due amounts must be brought current by
  close of business on Friday, December 7th.  If customers are unable to get
  caught up or current, they are encouraged to visit the Utility Business Office
  (UBO) at 606 Fort Totten Drive and speak to a customer service
  representative about a special storm payment arrangement. 

  The UBO is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.  No appointment
  is necessary.  However, appointments are encouraged to reduce customer
  wait time.

  These special storm payment arrangements will not count towards the four
  payment arrangements allowed each fiscal year under the City’s current
  business practices, but customers must remain current once the arrangement
  is made.  If the arrangement is broken, the past due balance must be paid in

Late fees, delinquent fees and shutoffs for nonpayment will resume after December 7th.  Deposit requirements will resume after November 15th.  Deposits caused by late/delinquent actions will resume after December 7th

Customers have several options for paying City of New Bern utility bills: online at, at the Utility Business Office, and at Walmart stores in our area.


Fees Waived for Vital Records Replacement

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is waiving fees for the replacement of vital records that were lost of damaged during hurricane Florence.  For more information, visit

Repair & Restoration of Historic Homes Damaged by Florence
Please be aware that all proposed modifications to properties within New Bern's Historic Districts are subject to approval by the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) or HPC Administrator for minor works.  However, "replacements in kind" are allowable. This means that the repairs make no modifications to what previously existed, but are simply replacements of damaged elements or materials in the same configurations as they existed.

Prior to beginning work for "replacement in kind" please contact Morgan Potts, City Planner & HPC Administrator at (252)639-7583. To read the letter from City Planner regarding storm repairs & modifications to historic homes, click here.

Hurricane Florence Historic Properties Damage Report:  help the NC Department of Natural & Cultural Resources keep track of wind and flood damage to historic properties. Click this link to complete an easy online form documenting damage to your historic home. This is for documentation purposes only.

USDA: Hurricane Florence Displaced Household Fact Sheet

To visit our FEMA resources page, click here.
To visit our Small Business Administration (SBA) resources page, click here.