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How do I set up a payment plan as a result of COVID-19 hardship?

What does power cost?

What utility services does the City provide?

Why aren't there reduced rates for senior citizens? Lower income customers?

Why does the City charge deposits?

Why do I need a copy of my lease or sales agreement to get service?

Is a budget plan for utility bills available?

What will it cost me to get service?

How do I change my address, start or end service, pay by credit card?

Why does the City have a System Development Fee?

Why does sewer service cost more than water service?

What kinds of trash can I put out?

How can I be using so much service when I'm not home all day?

What are your electric rates?

How often do you estimate bills rather than read the meter?

How can I get an energy-efficiency discount on my residential bill?

How can I get my electric bill lower?

Can I pay my bill over the phone?

Where do I pay my electric bill?