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Strategic Goals and Objectives

Board Goals and Objectives 

1.  Recruit, Train, and Retain Qualified Staff Across All Departments

  • Execute against salary study recommendations in order to ensure positions are competitive relative to market
  • Develop a plan for salary band adjustments to keep pace with market demands
  • Develop a plan for merit-based salary adjustments to reward employees
  • Develop training plans and career growth opportunities where able across all departments
  • Devise a recruitment strategy to attract qualified candidates for city positions
  • Ensure health insurance costs are as low as possible
  • Ensure staff is right-sized for New Bern’s size and service offerings
2.  Provide Public Safety Through Enhanced Training, Efficient Services, and Expanded Infrastructure

  • Improve emergency response times to meet acceptable service delivery benchmarks
  • Execute the Board-approved Fire/Rescue Department Strategic Plan
  • Assess threats to City infrastructure and operations

3.  Enhance and Diversify Parks and Recreation Opportunities

  • Leverage the donation of Martin Marietta Corp by developing a regional park that will provide positive economic impact
  • Improve existing parks, facilities, programs, and amenities.
  • Explore partnership opportunities to better utilize Parks and Recreation facilities and programs
  • Ensure existing parks, facilities, and amenities are safe, utilized, and relevant
  • Evaluate existing parks and recreation user fees, programs, and activities

4.  Maintain Fiscal Responsibility

  • Conduct cost-of-service studies across all utility and service rates to ensure rates are fair
  • Identify areas to pursue alternative funding sources
  • Evaluate possible modifications of offered services
  • Continue to maintain a low tax rate relative to benchmark cities

5.  Invest in City Infrastructure to Ensure Long-Term Sustainability

  • Improve stormwater infrastructure and drainage capability
  • Maintain city streets to an acceptable level
  • Evaluate grants and other funding mechanisms to complete capital projects
  • Ensure water, sewer, and electric capital planning covers needed infrastructure improvements (Electric substations, sewer pump stations, etc)

6.  Promote Economic Development and Redevelopment in Housing and Commercial Areas

  • Drive redevelopment in the Choice Neighborhood Initiative Area
  • Identify all resources and tools available to accomplish redevelopment (redevelopment commission, public private partnerships, net revenue funds, etc)
  • Create a marketing plan to attract a broader demographic outside the retiree community
  • Refocus  our local efforts on hospitality, restaurant and retail amenities
  • Refocus our efforts on redevelopment of corridors and gateways into our city (MLK commercial corridor, 5 Points, Hwy. 70 East & West and Hwy. 43)
  • Continue to grow our relationship with Craven County leaders, Craven County Board of Education, and Craven Community College to enhance educational offerings