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HPC COA for Minor Works

Minor work items include changes to a property that are less permanent in nature, are a secondary feature in relation to the site and/or are judged not to have a significant impact on the property and are consistent with the New Bern Historic Preservation Commission’s established guidelines.

Minor work items must comply with the Guidelines and require a Certificate of Appropriateness, which can be approved by the HPC Administrator. The HPC Administrator may submit a minor work application to the HPC for formal approval depending on the nature of the proposed changes. The following are classified as Minor Works:

Minor work permitted in the Primary Area of Visual Concern
• Replacement of incongruous material
Limited lighting installation
• Limited landscape planting and removal
• Driveways and walkways
• Signage
• Storm windows and storm doors
• Awnings
• Handrails
• Replacement of roofing
• Guttering and downspouts
• Masonry repointing
• New Bern Bears

Minor work permitted in Secondary and Tertiary Areas of Visual Concern
• Items of Minor Work permitted in the Primary Area of Visual Concern
• Waterfront bulkheads and piers
• Accessible ramps
• Decks, terraces and patios without railings
• Utilities

(NOTE: HPC Administrator, at her/his discretion, may at any time forward a Minor works item to the Commission for its review and/or approval. Also, as a convenience to the applicant, Minor work items may be included in larger applications for Major alterations and approved by Commission.)