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Citizens Police Academy

Session #28 of Citizen's Police Academy is set to begin March 6, 2024!

The next session of Citizen's Police Academy will be offered in the Spring of 2024 beginning March 6, 2024.  If you have any questions concerning our next offered session please contact Sergeant T. Fisher (click here for email) for additional information at (252)672-4135.

Citizens Police Academy Informational Flyer
Citizen's Police Academy Registration Form

Want to be a part of our Citizens Police Academy?  This program introduces citizens to the philosophy, policies, and principles of law enforcement, as well as the ethical conduct governing police services in our community. Basic classroom instruction, presentations, and demonstrations are supplemented with elective participation in firearms training, firearms practice and riding with police officers on patrol.

The Citizens Police Academy is designed to:

  • Build a partnership between citizens and police personnel.
  • Help you make more informed judgments about the police department and its operations.
  • Enable the department to become aware of the feelings and concerns of the community, and

Please contact Sergeant T. Fisher for additional information at (252)672-4135.  

About Community Policing
The key to providing for the public safety of any community lies in a concept originally proposed by Sir Robert Peel, founder of the London Metropolitan Police Department. According to Peel, "The public are the police and the police are the public." This concept is the cornerstone of what has become known as "community policing"...a philosophy of providing police service that is built on knowledge and understanding.

The New Bern Police Department is dedicated to providing professional police service. It is our goal to provide a useful and informative training program for our citizens, which focuses on the real world of law enforcement. As a student of the New Bern Police Department's Citizens Police Academy, you will experience firsthand the operation of your police department. You will learn how and why police officers do the things they do. You will also learn about the policies and procedures of the department and how the courts and the Constitution affect the officer's decisions.

The Citizens Police Academy will provide an opportunity for citizens and police officers to find common ground from which to set about solving the problems of their communities. It is my hope that after graduation students will take an active role in a partnership with the police department that will help make New Bern a safer community in which to live and work.