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Sanitation Services

Trash carts are serviced weekly and may run one day behind if your service day falls on the following holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Day. For example, if your service day is Monday and it is on the holiday, then your service day will be the following day on Tuesday.  Click this link and type in your address to find out when your scheduled pickup day is. 

Recycle carts are serviced "once a month" by Craven County and if your service day falls on the holiday, it will also run one day behind. Please visit Craven County's Solid Waste & Recycling website by clicking here or calling (252)636-6659 for more information.

About Us

This division is charged with the collection and disposal of all residential and commercial solid waste within the City of New Bern.

The City of New Bern/GFL Environmental provides once per week collection to approximately 11,600 residential units.  A 65-gallon trash roll-out cart is provided by our contractor to each household for the storage of bagged waste prior to collection and ease of placement for collection.

The City, in conjunction with our solid waste collection program, participates in the Craven County Curbside Recycling Program for our residents. Craven County/GFL Environmental provides a recycle cart to each household and services once a month. The monthly recycling schedule is available on the County website by clicking here or by calling (252)636-6659.

Please view Residential Collection Rates and Residential Collection Guidelines for more information.

The City of New Bern/GFL Environmental also collects and disposes of approximately 23,000 cubic yards of commercial waste per month, through front-load dumpsters, ranging in capacity from two to eight yards, up to six times weekly, depending on individual service needs. Each business is responsible for providing its own container, either owned or leased, which is collected by contractor for a set fee per cubic yard, established by the Board of Aldermen, which is billed on the customer’s city utility bill. Please view Commercial Refuse Rates for more information.

“Bear in Mind in New Bern ... If you Litter you Lose.”

Citizens are encouraged to review the Residential Collection Guidelines on proper placement of materials and collection. The City's goal is to have a “litter-free community” and your help is needed by “putting litter in its place.”

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GFL Environmental
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