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About Trash and Recycling Pickup

NOTICE: Beginning August 31, 2020, Leaf & Limb / Bulk Waste will begin collection on Mondays, instead of Tuesdays, for the following subdivisions: Bluewater Rise, Brices Creek Harbor, Brices Crossing, Creekside Village, Evans Mill, Gables Run, Hardees Farm, Longleaf Pines and Sellhorn Heights.

Trash pickup is provided by the City and billed monthly as part of a combined utility bill.  City trash rates are outlined below.

Recycling monthly pickup is provided by Craven County (252.636.6659 ) and is billed annually as part of the property tax bill.  More information on recycling or contacting the County can be found here

Contact Us
Should you have any questions feel free to contact Sherri Baldree at (252)639-7501

Trash Cart Weekly Route Map Schedule 


Residential Rates

65-Gallon Trash Roll-Out Cart

 (Once-a-week pickup)

Monthly Residential
Refuse Rate:

$14.75 - Regular Residential
$7.88 - Senior Citizen Discount
(Must qualify for this discount by applying for the State of North Carolina-Craven
County Exclusion for Property Tax Relief for Elderly and
Permanently Disabled Persons at the Craven County Tax Office (252-636-6604).


Commercial Front-Load Service Rates
(must have active city utility account)
2 CY
4 CY
6 CY
8 CY

Hand Commercial Cart Refuse Fees
65-Gallon Trash Cart fee is $14.75 Each Per Month (ONCE-A-WEEK PICKUP)

(Recycle Cart Fee is billed yearly by Craven County Tax Department (252.636.6605 / 252.636.6659).

*Rates effective as of July 1, 2018 

Household Garbage

Acceptable Items: 
Household garbage, glass, waxed food and juice cartons, pots or pans, styrofoam, broken dishes or ceramics, light bulbs, plastic grocery bags.

Unacceptable Items: 
Hazardous materials, motor oil, paints, discarded TVs, printers or computers.

*Place Waste Industries/GFL trash cart away from objects such as vehicles, fences, etc... no later than 6:00 AM on your scheduled pickup day. Bagged trash in excess of your trash cart must have a Craven County trash sticker on each bag for collection.


Acceptable Items: 
Clean glass containers (clear, brown and/or green), aluminum beverage cans, newspapers, plastic milk jugs, plastic drink/water bottles, steel food cans, envelopes, writing paper, copy paper, colored ledger paper, magazines, newspaper, chipboard, detergent boxes, tissue boxes,  and dry/non-contaminated corragated cardboard, flattened to fit in recycle cart.

Unacceptable Items:
Loose trash, yard waste or other non-recycling materials, shredded paper, frozen food waxed containers, juice containers, broken glass or light bulbs, styrofoam, clothes.

*Place your recycle cart out no later than 6:00 AM on your scheduled "monthly" pickup day. For monthly schedule visit  or call 252.636.6659.

Bulk Waste Collection

Acceptable Items: : For appliances (such as freezers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and/or water heaters): remove doors to appliances or place in a manner that ensures there  is no access by animals or small children. Furniture such as sofas, tables, mattresses, small appliances (microwaves, toasters, & vacuums), paint cans that are dry and have lids removed, non-treated wood, tires that have been separated from the rim.

Unacceptable Items: : Tires on the rim, window frames or doors with glass still in them, filled or partially filled paint cans, treated wood, mirrors, toilets, carpet, automotive parts, cement, concrete or brick items, roofing shingles, sheetrock, propane tanks, railroad ties, any demolition or construction debris (this should be removed by the contractor or homeowner), loose clothing (clothing must be bagged - no trash sticker is required).

*Place bulk waste in a neat sorted piles away from guide wires, trees, fences, vehicles and power and utility sources.  Bulk waste should be put out for collection no later than 6:00 AM on your scheduled pickup day.

Yard Waste Collection

Acceptable Items: : Limbs no longer than 5 feet and no larger than 5 inches in diameter; leaves, pine straw and grass clippings must be bagged; small twigs and hedge clippings must be bagged; hedges and/or bushes must have excess dirt or sand removed from the root.  Loose leaves and pine straw free of limbs/trash/debris are accepted curbside from November 1st through the last day of February.

Unacceptable Items: : Loose piles of leaves (except during loose leaf season), clippings, pine straw, any debris resulting from contracted services (including landscapers and tree services - this debris must be hauled off by the contractor or homeowner), sand or dirt piles.